Our remodel experience began approximately four years ago. We started attending parade of homes events and visiting new model homes to get ideas for upgrades to our master bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and placement of hardwood floors throughout the main level of the house where carpeting was still in place. Over the following two to three years we put together our list of ideas, wish list and those things we “for sure” wanted in our remodel project. In the fall of 2016 we short listed the contractor list to two contractors. We presented our ideas to both contractors and had them to our house to share our ideas and see what their reaction to our ideas would be. The first contractor liked our ideas but hesitated on completing one of the major improvements we wanted to incorporate into the project. The second contractor to visit was Runyan Construction. We again presented our ideas and watched for the reaction to those ideas. Not only did he like our ideas, he right away started making suggestions on how our ideas could be done and then made suggestions on how we could improve on our ideas. Both contractors provided their estimated cost of construction and they quotations provided were almost identical. It was the outside the box thinking and expanding of our ideas that caused us to select Runyan Construction.

We could not be more pleased in our selection. Randy followed through with his suggestions and improved on some of them. As with any construction project, there were things encountered and some changes to be considered. Many of the changes were predicated upon the materials we selected which added cost to the project. The cost and scope of those changes was discussed and we found the changes to be very fair. I have worked in the construction industry for over thirty years and have a good knowledge on how contractors can take advantage of the situation when considering change orders. That was not the case. We ended up with about a half dozen changes that we wanted, agreed to and we ended up with less than a 8% increase in the overall project cost. This increase in overall budget included increases as a result of our selection of materials.

We found the workmanship and desire to finish things well a trademark of Runyan Construction. A complete punch list was prepared at the end of the project and all big and small issues were given full attention. We have had a call back on a couple of items since project completion. On one item it involved a subcontractor. Randy coordinated that effort and then made sure we were satisfied with the outcome. The second item was regarding work completed by Randy and he personally was on site to make sure everything was addressed. The issue ended up being something that Randy had not caused; however, he followed through anyway.

All in all, we could not be more pleased about our remodel project and the work completed by Runyan Construction. We highly recommend anyone considering a remodel project to strongly consider using Runyan Construction. We would like to thank you, Randy, and your staff for a job well done!

The Frisch’s